Friday, February 28, 2014

New arrivals + new outfit = love

Rainy day in Eindhoven but I don't care because we got lots of new arrivals in store. Yeeeaaah!
And my favorite is a green, pastel colored top from Khujo. I really love the details!
Tomorrow I will leave to Düsseldorf to sign the renting contract for our new store, "La Parisienne", in Düsseldorf. I am so excited. Right now I am preparing the layouts for the invitations for our opening party and our logo. It is going to be great!
Until tomorrow, lovelies!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day in Amsterdam

It was a cold but super nice day yesterday in Amsterdam. 
We went with the three of us to the Rijksmuseum and it was stunning. Next to famous dutch painters, like Rembrandt, I found as well some fashion pieces from a veeeeery long time ago :)
Coming to Amsterdam is always special. I could get some really nice new ideas for our store opening this year. There were lots of colors and new trends to see. A good day for inspiration!
In the evening we went to our favorite bar and restaurant in Amsterdam, called Cafe Vrijdag. 
A friend of my boyfriend goes to Asia and celebrated his going-away-party there. 
I was wearing dark denim and my beloved heels from Zara. My jacket is from ICHI and my scarf from Cottonfield.
Since it was a long walking day, I was very glad to have my chucks with me ;)
A great day for all of you!!









cafe-vrijdag-amsterdam-k-fashion-clothing Cafe Vrijdag

Monday, February 24, 2014

Say 'Bye' to Winter and 'Hi' to Spring

Today I spend my day at home in Rotterdam and it is a great and sunny day. It is getting spring here in Holland. I just went for long walk and it was great! Different weather, different mood :)
Since it gets warmer, I don't have to wear winter coats any longer. Yeah!!!
My favorite piece for these days is a miu miu clutch in kobold blue and snake optic.
I like to combine it with a dark denim and white chucks. The black, short jacket I am wearing is from ICHI.
Outfit: Shoes: Converse, Denim: Hollister, Jacket: ICHI, Clutch: miu miu, Sunglasses: Carrera
Tomorrow we will probably be in Amsterdam and I am excited :)
Have a nice day!!!




Sunday, February 23, 2014

Which name would you choose?

It was a lovely sunday today!! 
I met my girls in Düsseldorf and we went for a delicious brunch to Ratingen in the Auermühle.
A great restaurant right in the forest. Since it was sunny, it was a dream!
Today's outfit was springish. My denim is from EDC, my shoes are from Zara, my blouse is from ICHI and my pink knit is from our vintage online shop.
Now I am back in Holland and I got a question for you, girls and guys :)
Which name for our new store do you like better:

1. The Fashionista
2. La Parisienne

I really like both of them and I can not decide, so I need your opinion :)


Saturday, February 22, 2014

In love with pastel colors and One Wolf

Hey Lovelies. I just came to Düsseldorf. 
Our store in Eindhoven was open today, so I could try on some awesome new arrivals!!! My favorite was a new Eden Schwartz denim in snake optic and a rose knit from Khujo.
Since it gets spring and the absolute trend color is pink/rose, I wanted to wear something fresh-rose-colored :)
I am really happy and proud to wear and present a black shirt from the brand One Wolf.
One Wolf is a really cool and new brand from Latvia. They are specialized on denim but as well on great tops.
I like to combine the shirt with girly details and girly colors, like pink or rose.
With this brand I am going to have nice different cooperations in the near future.





Friday, February 21, 2014

Living-Room-Change & Store Interior

Next to looking to new ideas for the store, we rearranged our living room today and I just loooove it.
So much more room and light :)
Tomorrow we are in our store in Eindhoven again and then I will post a new Outfit.
For sure I wanted to show you on what I decided to get for the store.
I am going to get an Charles Eames chair and a dyed rug, colored in pink! I found a awesome pic on Pinterest. Lots of ideas I get as well on Etsy.
Have a nice evening, lovelies!!

Source: Pinterest/


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Instagram Competition starts today!! Win my Bloggers Clothing!!!

Giiiiirls. I start my first Instagram Competition ever: TODAY :)
If you follow my Instagram you can win the pieces, which I get send from several brands.
The competition ends in one month, on the 20th of march.
Have fun checking out my account :))

Follow now: <3


Ethno-Aztec-Denim reminds me of Valentino SS14

Yesterday I went from Düsseldorf to Eindhoven. It was my first day to be back in our store in Holland  and I was soooo excited to see, that even more new items came in!!
My favorite is a light washed aztec-print denim. 
Valentino presented ethno style, aztec-prints and big colors from a different time in the show for SS14.
The co-creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli used a bohemian touch in their collection.
Maria Callas was as well an inspirational source for this amazing collection.
Our new Mustang denim reminded me of this collection. 
On Pinterest I found some great aztec-outfits, which I wanted to share with you, as well.
I like to wear it with black but as well with bright colors, when it gets a little bit warmer ;)
My Outfit: Sunglasses: Carrera, Top: Zara, Denim: Mustang, Shoes: Zara



Source: Valentino
Source: Valentino

Source: Pinterest/
Source: Pinterest/

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cara looking stunning in Burberry

Today I am writing about one of my favorite shows at Fashion Week, which was the one from Burberry Prorsum
Designer Christopher Bailey presented a mix from oversized pieces with floral prints and laces in dark and light colors for H/W 14.
My favorite was Cara Delivingne. She just looked stunning in a big coat, which actually looks like a huge scarf. A dream of dark red and brown.
The part of the show, which I liked the most was, when the models walked on the catwalk with umbrellas, while it was snowing! Amazing show.
I show you here my favorite Outfits and moments of the show.

Source: Burberry

Source: Burberry
Source: Burberry

Source: Burberry

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunny Day in Düsseldorf-Getting inspired with Vogue,Instagram &Pinterest

Until now I had a great day!
Since I was until now in the city, I couldn't take any Outfit pictures for you but I got some more from my very inspiring morning with Vogue and my MacBook :)
I am checking out more and more how to decorate our new Store.
Instagram and Pinterest help a lot, while I do that. Oooooh, how I love them!!! :)
Most of the time I search for interior, interior design or decoration. Then I get the best ideas on how the Store will look. So excited! Soon we will open...
Of course I was wearing my new Carrera sunglasses today, when I went to the city. It was sunny!!
Further I searched for a great location, for our new Store and it was really nice. I had a great lunch break at Hüftgold Düsseldorf, where they bake the best cake ;)
Todays Outfit: Denim: Hollister, Biker Boots, Bag: K Fashion Clothing, Grey Teddy Knit: K Fashion Clothing
I wish you a lovely day, Lovelies!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coming-Home-Surprise: My new Carrera Sunglasses

Giiiiiirls and Guys,
I am back home in good old Düsseldorf.
We just arrived and I was so happy to see a new present, which I received from the Andrea Leitner PR agency. Next to other really big brands like Céline, Dior, Replay and so on, they are responsible for Carrera. Since they know, that I love their sunglasses, they sent me one.Yippiiiie :)
It is a new leo model. I love it!
Tomorrow you will see and get to know more about these fantastic sunglasses ;)
As well I received an invitation for the presentation of "out of the box", a festival for shoes and accessories in Düsseldorf on the GDS. Could be interesting, since it is about shoes. Isn't everything about shoes? ;)
The trip back home was pretty quick. No traffic jam, fortunately. While my boyfriend took me back home, I could get some great inspiration, on how my new Store in Düsseldorf could look like.
Today I show you my newest ideas on how to decorate the Store.
I will keep the Store in white and pastel colors. For sure, I am going to make a Vogue cover wall and for the rest, just follow my blog and you will see, how everything develops :)
I stay until wednesday in Düsseldorf for some appointments. Tomorrow I will look for some more locations, where I could open the shop.
Now I am a little bit tired and I will sleep soon.
I wish you a lovely sunday evening…



Source: Pinterest/ Store Inspiration

Source: Pinterest/Vogue