Saturday, March 29, 2014

My outfit at Tommy Hilfiger

Hallo ihr Lieben. Heute ist Samstag und das bedeutet es ist Wochenende.
Hier kommt der Post zur Tommy Hilfiger Collection Preview. Eigentlich war es mehr ein Cocktail mit einer Fashion Show.
Meine Favoriten der Kollektion waren eindeutig die Lederteile. Ein Kleid aus Leder Pfirsichfarbe, beige und rosa und eine Lederhose in dunkleren Farben, waren der absolute Hingucker.
Ich zeige euch heute auch das Outfit, das ich zum Event getragen habe.
Mein Mantel ist von Zara, ebenfalls die Faux-Lederhose in Boyfriend-Cut.
Die Schuhe sind aus der aktuellen Hilfiger Kollektion. Mein schwarzes Top ist von American Apparel.
Insgesamt war es ein netter Abend in Düsseldorf. Allerdings sind wir nicht allzu lange geblieben, da wir wieder in unseren Store in Holland gefahren sind.
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Hi Guys. Today is saturday and this means weekeeeeeend!!
And here comes the post about the Tommy Hilfiger show and my outfit, which I was wearing.
The show was really nice but actually it was more of a cocktail combined with a fashion show.
My favorite from the new collection were the leather items in different colors.
One dress in peach-colors and one leather pants in darker colors, were my favorites.
Today I show you as well the outfit I was wearing this evening.
My coat is from Zara and as well the faux-leatherpants.
The shoes are from the new Hilfiger collection. My black top is from American Apparel.
All in all it was a nice evening. We couldn't stay that long, since we went back to the Netherlands the same evening.






Friday, March 28, 2014

raspberry mood

Von heute an schreibe ich für euch in Deutsch und Englisch :)
Trendfarbe Pink und Himbeere und heute bin ich in "Himbeere-Laune".
Ich habe mich heute für einen wunderschönen himbeerfarbenen Nagellack von Essie entschieden.
Dazu kombiniere ich ein himbeer-pinkes oversize-top.
Gerne trage ich skinny Jeans zu oversize-tops. Die Jeans, die ich heute trage ist von Eden Schwartz.
Es tut mir super leid, dass ich heute kein richtiges Outfit Foto posten kann aber mein Fotograf ist heute leider nicht verfügbar ;)
Gestern Abend waren wir auf der Tommy Hilfiger Frühling/Sommer 2014 Preview Fashion Show und ich habe mir super schöne, beige High Hehls gekauft. Ich liebe sie.
Der Post zum gestrigen Event folgt morgen…

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Trend color pink and raspberry. So today I was in "raspberry-mood".
I decided to take on a wonderful raspberry-colored nail polish from Essie today.
With it I wear a raspberry-pink colored and oversized top.
I always like to wear oversize tops with very tight, skinny denim. The one I am wearing today is from Eden Schwartz.
Sorry for the one picture, which I took from myself in the mirror guys. Unfortunately my photographer was not available today ;)
Yesterday I got these wonderful summer high heels from Tommy Hilfigers new collection. I adore them! They are super comfy to wear. The post about the Tommy Hilfiger event comes tomorrow…




Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perfect morning with Chanel & InStyle. Tonight Tommy Hilfigercollection preview in Düsseldorf

Good morning lovely people :)
It  is a greeeaaat day…Sun is shining and the Chanel book, which I ordered for our new store "La Parisienne" arrived.
This is my perfect morning: InStyle, Coffee, Macbook and Chanel :D
Today I am in Düsseldorf. I will be at the hairdresser later, visit a friend and toniiiiight…I will be at the Tommy Hilfiger Collection Preview of spring/summer 2014 in Düsseldorf…
Super excited about that one…
And for sure tomorrow follows a post about the show :)
A great day to all of you!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Denim Outfit soon available at "La Parisienne" Düsseldorf

spending my day in Düsseldorf and I am excited it is going to be denim day.
Since I would like to show you what I will sell at "La Parisienne" in Düsseldorf, I chose today for a denim piece, which will be in our store as well.
It is the denim top, which I am wearing. I like to combine it with a jeans. My top is from Catwalk Junkie.
It is as well an option to wear the denim top as a dress, which is also really nice for in the summer.
Now it is still a little bit too cold :)
I wish you a great day!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lovely blue dress available on my blog and at "La Parisienne" Düsseldorf

I can officially say, that today I post the first dress, that will be sold in our new store in Düsseldorf...
Yeeeaaah…Today I am in Düsseldorf and the weather is changing from sun to very dark sky.
Luckily, when we took the outfit pictures, it was still sunny :)
The blue dress I am wearing is from Blend She. I like it because it is a perfect dress for spring and summer. It is great to wear at the beach but as well to go out to a bar or a club.
Right now I got one single one available and it is size XS/S.
Tonight I am going to meet some friends, who I didn't meet for a long, long time :)
I hope at least you have a constant sunny day 


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Saturday, March 22, 2014

2 reasons to be happy today: 1st: All store interior arrived. 2nd: Igot a Hunkemöller present...

All the interior for the new store in Düsseldorf arrived now and as well our stickers for the shopping bags. At the moment I am in Eindhoven. The next days I am going to be a lot in Düsseldorf. In my hometown :))
Today I got some nice pictures for you from some nice stuff, that I bought for "La Parisienne", our new store, which opens upcoming may…One of the things which I bought for decoration for the store, is a great book. It is about the worlds best stylists but what I was the happiest about was the pink phone, that I ordered. So cool!
Crazy weather today. First rain and now there comes the sun 
Impressionen Damenmode 728x90And what I got to let you know about is the following…This morning I stepped out of the shower and guess, what was laying on the floor…A super nice present from my super nice boyfriend!!
New black dessous from Hunkemöller and he bought excactly the right size. Yeeeeeah! Love it!
All photos, which you see in this blogpost are from my Instagram





Friday, March 21, 2014

Tonight we are on TV!! Abenteuer Leben, Kabel eins. Pop-up & Guerrilla Marketing with K Vintage Clothing/K Fashion Clothing

Today is a pretty exciting day. Why? We will be on television tonight and I am super excited about that. We waited for a long time now and finally it happens.
It will be on german television. The program is called Abenteuer Leben. It is a program about all kinds of different things but a lot of it is documentations about restaurants, food and in general everything, which has to do with the regular life of a human being :)
Today it is going to be about Pop-up concepts and Guerrilla Marketing and we, with K Vintage Clothing/ K Fashion Clothing, were part of it. Our new store opening from "La Parisienne" by K Fashion Clothing on 2nd of may in Düsseldorf is going to be announced as well.
I am super proud but as well I am sure, that it is going to be pretty strange to see myself on television.
So, if you guys are interested in seeing what we did with our Pop-up Stores, then you gotta watch this ;)
Here are some pictures from the day, when they filmed us

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Tonight, 17.45 h
Abenteuer Leben
Channel: Kabel eins
Topic: Pop-up & Guerrilla Marketing