Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drip,Drip falls the rain.Rains in Store.My Ootd

Drip, drip, falls the rain...
Yesterday was a rainy day in Eindhoven. So the perfect timing for my new Rain-Outfit.
A few days ago we got rain coats from Rains in store. Made out of very rich fabrics! 
We got them in shorter and longer models, in all different colors but as I saw this orange, shiny coat, I was in L.O.V.E.
When I was a kid and even when I was older, I hated when my parents said: "Did you think of your rain coat?"
I usually responded, that I would not wear it, because it wouldn't match with my outfit.
With these rain coats its different.
I combine it with a dark Hollister denim, a thick 5 Preview knit and black Hunter Boots.
Today I can't wear it because it's sunny but sunny is fine for me as well ;)
After a quick run in the nature, I am now working from home and getting even more excited about our trip to Austria on friday.
I wish you guys a great and hopefully sunny day!




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